About Me

I am a self-taught, emerging artist living and working in Toronto. My identity is intimately linked to Pakistan and Canada, both of which I consider home. This duality is at the centre of my practice and it deeply informs the work I make.


Anam Feerasta is a Pakistani-Canadian artist, and a fourth-year student at OCAD University. She is the recipient of the 2021 Marsh Urquhart Memorial Scholarship, and the 2020 Kendra Jaal McCleskey Memorial Scholarship. Working predominantly with acrylic and oil paints, Anam combines figuration and abstraction to create layered, textural compositions that allude to her struggle to build an independent identity after relocating to Canada as a young adult.

Anam’s work is an exploration of the self. It expresses feelings of fragmentation that are intimately tied to her identity and Pakistani upbringing. Inspired by collage and childhood memories of home and family, Anam’s work depicts contorted, vulnerable and often disengaged bodies in abstract spaces. These bodies allude to fragmented identities and to the multiplicity of an identity resulting from gender-biased cultural expectations. Anam’s practice challenges these expectations, seeking to celebrate and empower women who share in a similar struggle to reclaim identity.

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